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5 ways to make your web design stand out in the crowd

Responsive Design has become a massive trend that has taken the contemporary web design world by storm. In the wake of Google’s “mobile-geddon” in April last year, web designers have been turning to responsive web design to create mobile –friendly sites for their consumers.

The design allows sites to adapt to screen sizes and remain fluid, creating seamless movements between devices. It uses CSS media queries to adapt to screens without the associated costs of running a separate mobile site.

Long scrolls, hamburger menus, card layouts and hero images have captured the market, creating user-friendly, interactive websites that grab the viewer’s attention. Unfortunately, the drawback is that a lot of these websites can appear similar, which can be confusing for consumers and ultimately your site can get lost in the vast internet ocean.

So, here are 5 things you might want to consider when designing or updating your website that could help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Keep it clean with whitespace

It’s hard to fault the largely popular card layout; its rectangular images can easily adapt to any screen size and the design is attractive. Designers can clearly present content in carefully broken up chunks, which creates an aesthetically pleasing design whilst allowing marketers to continuously present content and information for their customers. Bold hero images and vibrant colours have become popular choices to catch the viewer’s attention but has become so widely spread that now, perhaps, less is more.

The use of white space around images and fonts creates a clean, fresh look that stands out amongst busy, bold sites. It allows focus on strong, simple images which can create a higher impact and help to focus and solidify the brand message. The use of white space also helps the site to age better in a constantly dynamic online world.

  1. Enhance your brand through typography

Through the availability of google fonts and many other font apps, web designers have been able to move away from traditional fonts like Ariel and Comic Sans and create more of an identity through the use of inventive font types; a small change to a website that can have a high impact on the overall vision.

With much more interaction with consumers on a personal level, the use of social media marketing and the widespread integration of micro-interactions mean that individual fonts can enhance and strengthen brand identity allowing customers to feel more involved.

  1. Tell a story with interactive designs


Interactive designs have the ability to make customers want to explore further; creating an experience and evoking a sense of adventure. 3D animations, rotating product images and changing colours allow consumers to see realistic images and different options tailored to their preferences. Interactive designs keep the consumer focused and interested, as they enable the company to tell their story building a stronger rapport with their customers.


  1. Use genuine imagery

Gone are the days of cheesy, fake and over the top stock photos. Whilst photographs still play a major role in digital communication, designers now have access to a huge amount of beautiful and natural looking photos, helping them to connect more with users in a genuine way. People love pictures and making use of the right kind of images can engage viewers and make you stand out.

  1. Make it personal

Personal Branding is swiftly becoming more and more popular, and it’s great to use within your web design. It enables control of how you are perceived and creates an element of trust with the consumer as they get to know more about who you are. People buy people, and by creating a personal brand consumers can feel more closely connected to the company and its offerings. Personal branding combined with social media is a definite winner for keeping customers engaged.

In 2016, contemporary web design is coming into its own. There are some beautiful websites out there with seamless functionality that grab attention. Whilst you don’t want to be so unique it seems you’re not keeping up with the trends, you also don’t want to get lost in a world of homogenous competition. By just implementing a few minor changes to your web design, customers can really interact and relate to a more focused brand message. Without the clutter, a simple, memorable and interactive design will create a much higher impact with a timeless beauty that can keep you at the top of your game.

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