How to build trust through social media marketing

How to build trust through social media marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) has grown in popularity over the course of the last 10 years but companies have struggled to find the right way to utilise this tool to engage customers and inevitably increase sales.

Companies in the past have tried to use social media marketing to sell and advertise products. However, over time it is becoming apparent that by using SMM to engage with customers on a personal level it has become a more effective tool that can build stronger relationships and trust with customers which can ultimately have a bigger impact on sales.

Building trust through SMM is not easy, as companies needs to get the message right. They need to keep customers engaged, make them want to follow and keep in touch by communicating in right way at the right time. So here are a few tips on making sure you can build trust through social media marketing.

  • Be transparent

The best thing about SMM is that companies can be relatable. They can be open and honest about their operations, share personal information and connect with users on an individual level. By responding directly to individual comments, customers feel like they can be heard. Companies can also deal effectively with complaints and hold themselves accountable for things by responding professionally without hiding away, which can help create trust with consumers. It also allows the company to demonstrate their seamless customer service and have the opportunity to say thank you. Social media communication is direct, quick and responsive enabling companies to speak to each individual on a personal level.


  • Entertain

Keep your social media pages simple and fun, add in interesting topics and videos that aren’t just about you and your company. Create a community by posting about relatable issues and competitions that add value to your offering. By engaging your followers this way, they will be likely to stick around for longer and have positive things to say about your brand.


  • Have a consistent brand voice

Through SMM brands can demonstrate their personality. By having a consistent brand voice, it shows a more human side to the company that customers can relate to. By posting and showing staff members, showing passion for your company whilst keeping the message clear customers can see what goes on behind the scenes which can really add to the overall brand message.


  • Don’t just think of it as a sales tool

Advertising or selling directly through social media can put some people off. There are far too many adverts around in the digital world. By interacting through giveaways, designs and other interesting content it can add value to your offering, which in turn builds a stronger relationship.


  • Be relevant

There’s no point trying to use all social media platforms for your marketing; it lacks focus and you won’t be able to build a strong community. Content will be scarcely spread or repeated and you won’t be making sure that you’re targeting the right audience. Use surveys to find the right platforms to find your customers and create quality, engaging content that they would be interested in. It’s also important to make sure you’re getting your hashtags right so your content can be found by the right people who are searching for the same type of information.


  • Build influencers

Someone that believes in your product and can vouch for you can make a big impact on your sales. If you understand your target customer base then you will be able find the right people that can help you demonstrate your products. Mention popular people or companies smartly in posts and it can have a huge effect on your reach.


  • Remember the definition of trust

Trust is defined as the firm reliance on the integrity, ability or character of a person or thing so much sure that you are demonstrating these aspects throughout your social media strategy. Remember what your aims and goals are, and monitor progress constantly asking for feedback from customers and you can make sure you’re on the right track to create and maintain strong relationships built on trust with your customers.


Social Media Marketing is a great opportunity to build trust with your customers. Be honest, transparent and carefully plan your social media strategy taking into account who your customers are and what their interests area. It can add huge value to your brand offering and products whilst enabling you to address customer needs. Building trust through social media marketing can take your customer relationship management to a whole new level.