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How to Rock the Single Page website

The single page website (SPW) has made a big comeback in recent years, but has made huge leaps and bounds from the plain ‘business card’ type pages that were used in the past. The design has gone from a cheap, boring, ‘not quite a website’ design to revolutionary, interactive designs that really make an impact.

An SPW is a great tool that helps to clean up cluttered sites is easy to use for customers, works on all devices and is generally easier and cheaper to maintain. The single-page design doesn’t work for everyone; it’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy but if you can make it work it can really boost your brand’s impact.

So, how do you rock the SPW?


Make it seamless

If you can learn some pretty decent JS skills or find someone that can, you can create a site with interactive and smooth navigation. Whether you opt for the parallax scrolling effect alone or combine scrolling with anchor links in a navigation or hamburger bar, you can create something smooth and simple that makes a powerful statement.


Get to the point

Single page websites not ideal for every business so you have to make sure it fits with your business model. Too much content doesn’t work. It takes away from the visual impact of the site and can create overly heavy pages that confuse viewers and can be a big no no for SEO.

Divide up your content into logical chunks with the aid of navigation. It’s a great task that really helps you to focus your brand message and demonstrate your strengths.
The SPW can also be used as a pre-launch website to really emphasise what you’re about to your consumer, which can then be developed into a more complex site later on.

Condensing your content can help you focus on the main points of your brand message that you want to portray and really make a strong statement to your customers.


Take them on a journey

The SPW is all about creating experiences for your consumers and telling them your story. Use the site to create an engaging and interactive experience that keeps the user involved and informed. They will want to delve into more and it will send them into a world of discovery. Stories help customers to relate and really build a relationship with the brand on a more personal level, and with so many marketers moving towards individual relationships with their customers, it’s a great way to implement this in a creative way.


Include Calls to Action

Call to action (CTA) buttons guide users towards goal conversions. They basically entice your viewers into getting closer to what you ultimately want from them, whether it’s to buy, like, share, sign up etc. Including CTA’s in your SWP means you’re enabling your consumer to be involved in your offering.

The introduction of micro-interactions means with just one click of a button, customers can have their say, sign up and take part instantly. CTA’s create a sense of inclusion that makes customers stay on your site longer, whilst enabling you to add them to your CRM systems and stay in touch.


Be creative

In other words – do something with the background. You’ve got a lot of space to be dealing with, so make it count. Interlink it with content or simply have one visually appealing image to help create a beautiful online experience, rather than just a point of reference. It sets the standard for how to get your marketing, branding and designs teams working at their best and really creating something special for your company to be proud of. Use images that are genuine, and that highlight and expose your brand, to create a really honest impact that customers will appreciate.


Single Page web designs can be simple to achieve, but without careful consideration and creativity, it may not help your overall brand image. With these simple activities, web designers can create absorbing and appealing sites that customers can participate in and really relate with, allowing for longer page views, more interaction and the ability for the company to build strong relationships. It’s important to make sure that this type of website is right for you through research first, and is also included in your overall strategy so that when it comes to execution, it truly is a website designed for your customers.

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