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Civic University Network


Website Development

Sheffield Hallam University commissioned TEST Creative to design and develop a new website for the Civic University Network as part of a multi-phased project they are currently leading. Taking the original branding and content we have created a contemporary resource for the network to share updates around their roles and responsibilities. The timescales for this project were short but we’re pleased to have delivered a project that illustrates our ambition to deliver user-friendly and design-focused WordPress websites on time and without compromising on quality.


The Civic University Network builds on the 2018 UPP Foundation Civic University Commission which challenged universities to re-shape their role and responsibility to their communities to realise their potential as drivers of a new civic agenda. Our vision for the Civic University Network is to help make this ambition a reality – supporting universities to develop and embed civic aspirations at an institutional level, as well as working with government and strategic partners to ensure that a university’s geographic role and responsibility is used more effectively as an agent to drive positive societal change.